[FEATURE REQUEST] BT keyboard shortcuts

Hey just wanted to put in a request for some keyboard input for panels. Essentially just want a way to change pages left and right as well as scroll up or down if the image is set to screen width and requires scrolling. Could be accomplished with wasd or arrow keys or both!

More keyboard control for selecting books, or entering and exiting them, would be nice as well but I think page changing via the keyboard would be an essential edition.


Hey @john
Thanks for the suggestions! :ok_hand:
This is actually in our roadmap and something I personally would like to have.

We’ll keep you posted.

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I’d like to bump this request. I often read comics on my iPad Pro, propped up by the Smart Keyboard. This is especially nice since the two page view was added. When I’m reading like this I keep expecting to be able to hit arrows or the space bar to turn pages, but it doesn’t work.


Hey there! I’d also like to add to this request. Would be awesome to navigate flipping pages and scrolling using keyboard support on iPad. Thanks!

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We’re planning to add this shortly. Thanks for bearing with us.