[Feature Request] Automatic Collection generation

Currently we need to manually create every collection in panels. I want collections; but find it cumbersome to create a new folder every time I add a new series of comics.

I used Chunky before switching over to panels and it had the feature to automatically create collections based on the filenames of the imported files. Currently Panels already somewhat has this function by suggesting the collection name upon import, but only there and it requires a manual action of creating the folder.

I think - if you decide to implement this request - there can be a few ways to implement it;

  • Next to the sort option, have a view option that allows collections to be created based on the filenames. Sort of like an overlay that does not touch your manually created collection (as other users will prefer those to manually manage their library) but provides and alternative view for those that don’t want to bother with organizing.

  • have a toggle in the settings menu to let panels auto create collection based on file names and disable manual collection creation). User can manually change filenames if they are sorted incorrectly to get them in the right collection (this is what Chunky does).

Thanks for the feedback :heart:

We’ve always avoided creating anything automatically because it’s improbable that it would work for everyone. Some people like to have complete control over their library, and others prefer convenience over customization. It’s pretty hard to balance, and that’s why we’ve always opted not to do anything on your behalf.

“have a view option that allows collections to be created based on the filenames”

We want to implement something similar to this. We’d love to have a feature that would suggest a name based on your file names. But as easy as it might sound, it’s not a trivial problem. For now, the cost/benefit ratio has kept us from doing it.

“have a toggle in the settings menu to let panels auto create collection based on file names and disable manual collection creation”

We would have to maintain two different implementations with very different approaches. For now, we prefer to keep it more uncomplicated and have only one way of organizing the library. (that is quite complex already)

Also, we are in the progress of building a file-system-based library. Where collections and comics are files and folders on your disk, also, you’ll be able to nest collections. These two factors will make the content organization different if we keep two different approaches.

Nevertheless, we’ll keep making Panels library more accessible and easier to organize.

Thanks for the explanation. I understand the complexity that this can bring and the need to keep the codebase manageable. I’ll just wait and see if the new file-system-based library will open up some possibilities for less manual library management.

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It would be great it Panels would automatically create collections based on the series metadata in an archive. If the metadata is there you don’t need to worry about making assumptions, because the file is telling exactly how it should be grouped.

It would be nice if the “new collection from selection” feature suggested a collection name made up of the longest common substring of all the selected items. It could just have the collection name pre-filled in but changeable.

(Yes, I’m aware that Longest Common Substring isn’t really an efficient thing to calculate, but it shouldn’t be too crazy for this use case where the selection is probably fewer than 50 items).

Thanks for this feedback. We can totally do that. That sounds like a nice compromise :+1:

Will investigate and prioritize it if it’s quick to implement.