(Feature Request) Amazon Drive Support

I love this app and all the features it has but the one problem is all of my files are on the Amazon drive and you don’t offer support for that do you have plans to add that in the future? I can add a file at a time from the Amazon drive app and open it in Panels but if I wanted to import a large amount of files at one time I have no good option for that. Please tell me there are plans to add support for Amazon drive?

Hello @manlovesrobot
I think you are actually the first user to request Amazon Drive support (which means is not very common). We like to add support to as many external sources as possible but it takes some time. I will add this to our roadmap, we are currently in the middle of a big project.
Thank you for your suggestion

I appreciate the response. It sounds like Amazon maybe cutting off 3rd party developer access so I guess I need to switch to google. If you find out other wise I would welcome the addition.

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