[Feature Request] “All Comics“ view

Would it be possible to add an option in the side menu to view all your comics (not in folders) in alphabetical, recent order or sorted in the same folder structure, just not in folders? I think this feature could be useful to help people find comics that they might have normally missed going through the folder system. Though I do think that the folder system is better for keeping my collection organised, I am also the type of person who will add comics, sorts them into folders, and forget that I’ve added them. When I used to use Chunky Comic Reader I found that I would be more likely to find comics that I had previously forgotten adding because all of my comics where front and centre.

This is just a feature that I would find useful and thought that others may find useful. But I understand if you think that this is an unnecessary feature. Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback @MikeOxlong96. It makes total sense to me.

Though we have plans for something that will allow you to have that and more. I would like to implement something like MacOS Finder’s Smart Folders. The idea is that users will be able to create virtual folders defined by a certain combination of queries. You could create your own “All Comics” or more convoluted things like “Spider-Man comics that I haven’t read”.

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Love this.

Then we can do things like “all read”, select all and delete.