Fail to import comics

When I import comics in cbr format, I can’t import them into libraries from inbox. I need to delete the document and re-import it. . I’ve encountered this situation many times. Is this a bug or my device problem? I use iphone 8plus.

We think this is a bug in the Inbox. But the next version of Panels removes the Inbox completely. Comics will go directly to the root of your Library.
Bugs aside, the Inbox has proven to add more complexity to the app and confusion to the users than other benefits. So we decided to wipe it out and simplify the import flows.

Removing the inbox was a mistake. I used the inbox to manage where comics went in bulk. Now I have to go through my library and look for my comics and manage from there which is very time consuming.

Hi again @Robert_Arauza_Jr .

Removing the inbox was a mistake.

I’m sorry, but we strongly disagree.

As I said in other threads, we’ll keep iterating and try to polish these flows and try to find a middle ground.
But keep in mind that Panels is used by different people with different skill levels, and the Inbox added an extra layer of complexity that we prefer to avoid.
Hopefully, the next iteration will make things better.