Export page function?

Hello, I’ve been using the app for some time now. Love the vertical scroll, which most iPad comic readers don’t have. I wanted to ask if there is a function to export a certain page (or even crop) as the original image? It would be very useful and I am in need of such a function.

Welcome to our community @Marina_Holland !

Our idea is to have some kind of contextual menu for each page where you will be able to perform actions like sharing.

Right now, the only readers that have a sharing function are: Default, Fill screen & Adjust to orientation. If you swipe up in any page you will see the sharing menu appear.
This is kind of an “old way” (Panels used to have only 1 type of reader) and like I said, I hope we will implement sharing (among other actions) to all of our readers in a better way.

PS: If you don’t need the full resolution original image and don’t want to bother switching from vertical reader to other readers just to share a page, you can also screen shot (power button + volume button) and share.