Expanded PDF capabilities

I know that my next suggestion might be more complicated than the last one. One (now defunct) competitor had the ability to search pdf’s and add bookmarks to it. It had all essential pdf functionalities you’d expect from a good pdf reader (like direct linking from the index). This way I could use it as the main app for mastering AD&D sessions. I know that this might be a big heap of work but maybe I am not the only one who wants to use Panels for more than just reading comic books. Since you support multiple collections anyway one could even imagine to keep e-books in pdf format or manuals or whatever handy in panels. I would even pay extra for these features. If it is done nicely I’D pay up to 10€ extra for it.

Thanks for the feedback @Taunide

Adding additional PDF capabilities is out of our scope at the moment. Actually, we provide a very basic PDF support by simply rendering the PDF pages as images, and treating the document as if it were a CBZ/CBR.

Page Bookmarks is something we could consider adding in the future though.
Search is a bit more complicated, because we would have to actually parse the PDF.

Bookmarks is on our list of feature requests already, and I’m pretty sure it will come at some point.