Errors Accessing Files or SMB on 2.15.4/iPhone 14 Pro

Hi there! I just reinstalled Panels on my iPhone 14 Pro, but I’m having trouble getting any files on it. It has permissions to access Files in iOS’s Privacy settings, but when I try to import from files in the app it just flashes up the bottom sheet animation a few times and then goes back to the screen I was looking at.

In addition to this, when I try to connect to my Synology NAS via SMB I get an immediate error, Panels.SMBServiceError error 3. It doesn’t even appear to be attempting to connect. I’ve confirmed with other apps/devices (even including Panels on my iPad) that the credentials are correct and the connection is live.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? I love Panels on my iPad. I’d like to be able to use it on my phone as well.

Nevermind! Not sure what was going on, but the issue appears to have resolved itself. Both SMB and Files access are now working for me.