Error displaying certain PDFs

I’ve got certain magazines that are importing, but are not displaying correctly. All of my other PDFs show correctly.
The offending PDF is available here: Offending PDF

And a screenshot showing how the panels app currently displays it is attached.

These PDFs show fine in Google Drive and other readers. Could this please be fixed?

Hi @Angus_B_Clark

We’ve seen this in the past but only with magazines. It has something to do with the different layers defined in the PDF. We use Apple’s PDF image renderer in Panels, and it seems to ignore some of them.
Fortunately, this issue seems not to affect comic files because the layers’ compositions are much simpler.

We are planning to change how we render PDFs in the future. Hopefully, the future renderer will solve this issue. We’ll make sure to test the file you attached when we add the new renderer.