Empty Library intended behaviour?

After using Empty Library”, the titles will remain visible in the “Reading Now” section. Clicking on one of these comics, you will get a “Missing title” confirmation box. While using the “Reset” option makes the missing titles go away, they return once you sign in again.

Edit: Messing around, it seems you can hide the missing titles in the “Reading Now” options. Turning this option on or off seems to crash the application; although it does appear to take effect. I am not sure if this is intended application behaviour. I would recommend having that option toggled on by default as this confused me.

Is there not an option to clear out the Reading Now memory permanently? I thought “Reset” should do this, but doesn’t appear to as the titles come back.

Thanks for the feedback.

Probably “Reset” is not the greatest copy. We’ll change it to make it clearer.

The crash will be fixed in the next release, that should be available in the upcoming days.
We appreciate your suggestion, but hiding the missing titles by default can be even more confusing to users expecting to see their reading progress synced. We’ll probably tweak the copy to make things clearer.

You can hide comics one by one from the Reading section by long-pressing the cover and tapping on “Hide”.

Is there any way to permanently remove a comic from your Reading Now, not just hide it? I like full control over synced data.

There is not. Once you hide one, it will flag the ReadingSession as hidden across all of your devices. There is no way to actually delete it. All the information would get deleted if you delete your Panels account though.
But there’s no way to selectively delete part of the synced information.