Dynamic IP + using No-IP to find my server

I have a dynamic IP that refreshes daily or so. I use a no-ip address to access my network when I’m out, and I wanted to hopefully use the no-ip address with panels to access my OPDS (ubooquity) and my comic library. Panels currently only accepts numeric ip addresses and when I use my no-ip it actively rejects the connection.

It’s not a huge deal I can just update the ip address on the app if I ever need to read comics while i’m out, but it’s way more convenient if the no-ip address would work.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this something Panels is meant to do by design?

Panels can’t connect to domain names over HTTP. It requires a secure connection HTTPS.
This is not a Panels requirement but Apple’s. Since iOS 9, App Transport Security has been required for all the apps.
We have ATS disabled for LAN connections and IP addresses, so you can access them without setting a secure connection.

Ubooquity can be set up to serve content over HTTPS.