Download Manga using Shortcuts in iOS 12

I’ve made a shortcut called MangaDL to download complete Manga or just individual chapters. Manga is downloaded from MangaKakalot. The images are zipped and converted to cbz. Just share the URL of the manga or run MangaDL to search for a manga. Then…

  1. Select if you want to use a custom cover image for each chapter
  2. Select which chapters to download
  3. Wait until all chapters are downloaded
  4. Files are now imported to Panels

Latest Update: v3.1 - update manga automatically or manually, option to disable cover options menu

Use Shortcuts Updater to make sure you always have the latest version installed!

MangaCV is a companion shortcut that can edit your downloaded manga in bulk. If you ever want to change, add or remove covers you can do this with MangaCV. You can also rename pages so they are named like 001, 002,… instead of 1, 2,… (This is also done my MangaDL since version 2.7)

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Thank you very much @stacph for taking the time of making this shortcut!

I hope many people can benefit from it. I am also attaching your video from shareshorcuts so people can see it in action:

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Ive been using this shortcut for a while and I love it, but I’ve tried to download three different mangas and every time I put in the “value” it says there aren’t any results

Maybe @stacph can help you with that

I contacted her and she said that she no longer updates/supports this shortcut. Instead she made a super easy one that runs the shortcut directly though the safari browser using Here’s the link:

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Does this still work? If so, how does it work once installed?