Download - Failed - Log?


I’ve tried to download a bunch of CBZ files (~400, with 1-7mb each) from my GoogleDrive. Most of them got imported fine. But some showing the Status-Message Failed.

I would like to know if there is a log, where I can check out what really happened? REST-Response from Google for example or Debug-Messages of the app, if they didn’t liked something? Because just a Status-Message calling Failed is a bit unsatisfying.

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When I wasn’t able to retry any of these files, I tried to delete the failed entries and downloaded these files again. That worked. Then I deleted all files and downloaded them again, non of them failed. (got all files now)

The following is just theory and assumption…

… I have no knowledge how everything works behind the curtains. So please excuse if my ideas and thoughts are heavily wrong. :wink:

When the files failed (~50 files), the device (iPhone 12 Pro Max) got locked, because of the display-timeout.

Could it be that the device, goes into some kind of Stand-By which cuts the connection to the internet? I think I saw such behavior already in some other apps. That could explain why some files (almost in a row) failed and all others continued their download as if nothing bad happened.

For example:

  • That the failed ones had already started an connection, but didn’t got targeted response.
  • Later when they got retried the session/token for this request was maybe already exprired or taken.
  • While all other files after the failed ones was handled like new requests and worked because of this maybe flawless after returning to the app.

I’ve had similar issues. Doing what you said fixes them. Sometimes even downloading them directly into files app on the phone will get around that issue

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply.

We’ll give Google Drive importer a look and will try to reproduce these errors using your suggested steps.

Downloads should continue when the app goes to background because they are created as background tasks. But will double-check just in case something is not working as it should be.

About the logs. 100% agreed. I had plans for creating a nice detailed error screen. But never ended up implementing it. It kind of fell through the cracks :man_shrugging:

But it’s definitely something that we want to add. It’s on our list and I just bumped its priority. Hopefully will be added shortly.