Doubletap to zoom

I would like to have a one handed Solution for zooming into the Comics, I’m coming from an android app where this was solved perfectly by being able to doubletap to zoom. I’d love to see this feature in Panels!

I came from android too, I accidentally came across this but if you use 3D Touch it zooms in. Just push and hold and it is just like double tapping except you have to hold it and move around while holding. I do agree that double tapping and not having to hold it would be nice, even if it was in the settings to turn it off. This was the best comic app I found coming from android to ios

Thanks for the advice! I just realized that double tap to zoom is even available on double pages. I’d love to see this option on every page as it shouldn’t be hard to implement at all.

Hi guys,
As @dani mentioned on another thread, the next release of panels after v1.8 will be focused on improving the reader itself. We will be adding more reading modes and integrating the doble tap to zoom.
At the moment, as mentioned above, you can single tap and hold for zoom.