Double-page view on Portrait

I searched for this topic but couldn’t find any discussion about this. If it is a duplicate, please feel free to close it.

I couldn’t find any way of having a double-page view on Portrait, is this a feature you’re thinking to implement in the future? Or is there some option to do it already that I can’t find?

I generally read mangas by having the page layout set up as a double-page view even while holding the tablet on Portrait and not only on Landscape.
That’s mainly because of the great number of spreads in a volume (so that I don’t have to keep seeing the layout keep changing from single to double when I encounter a spread), but also because the mangas are always drawn as left or right pages (differently from comics that are drawn as single pages).

Thanks @Blaiter

We are starting to explore a new reader UI that should allow for more custom configurations, including double page on portrait. It will still take us a few months to get there. Stay tuned!