Double page view issue (page grouping)

iPad, landscape (reading mode: default), Panels 2.11.4, CBZ file (each page an individual jpg, but PDFs seem to be affected too)

I have been able to reproduce this consistently:

  • Open a book
  • Bring up the page navigator (tap center of screen)
  • Tap on an odd page - this can be any except 1, so try page 3 (if you’re already looking at the 2-3 page spread this still works)
  • Close the book
  • Open the book - it should now display pages 3-4 (or whatever odd page you tapped is now on the left side)

It’s now not grouping the page correctly. If you swipe back to page 2 and forward to the second-last they are showing as a single page.

Result: 1, 2, 3-4, 5-6…149-150, 151, 152
Intended: 1, 2-3, 3-4…148-149, 150-151, 152

To fix: open the page navigator, tap on page 2 (or any even page), close the magazine, open the magazine.

I have searched the forum and found similar issues posted last year, those were all talking about shifting the device from portrait to landscape:

  • Open book, turn to portrait (so it now shows a single page), swipe to page 3, turn device landscape.
  • Result: 1, 2, 3-4, 5-6…
  • Fix: turn to portrait, swipe to page 2, turn to landscape

Similar issues, both related to how the double-page spread is presented. Both examples require the user to specify an even page before the page order is re-calculated correctly (after closing/opening in the first example).

Panels is an excellent app and the page navigator is the feature that made me instantly jump from my previous reader so hopefully this is helpful.

I think you guys are working on the 2-page view so I figured I’d add my support to seeing this issue fixed.

I don’t think that there’s necessarily a “right” and a “wrong” order, because it depends on how the books themselves are made. Some of them are made so that the 1st and 2nd pages form a spread, some are made so that the 1st page is a cover, and the 2nd and 3rd pages form a spread. And of course there are the double-width images that need to be displayed on their own, which I’m sure causes you some problems as well.

That said, I really wish there was an easier way to switch to the “other” grouping. Right now, the “switch to portrait, advance one page, switch back to landscape” doesn’t work 100% of the time, and sometimes you have to try advancing a few pages before it’ll hold. Also, because of how I read, I have the iPad in landscape orientation lock, so I have to undo the lock first and re-do it afterwards.

I wish there was a way to switch to the other grouping without having to go through that rigmarole. Ideas would be:

  • Something in the “…” menu in the upper right, below “Reverse reading direction”
  • Long press on an image in the preview screen to force that one to be on the left side of the page
  • When swiping to turn the page, pausing halfway so that the correct two pages are displayed together

Anyway, just a thought.

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Thanks for the feedback @awh

I’m curious about this.

We’ve found some cases where this wasn’t working correctly. But the latest beta should have fixed these issues. Have you seen this work incorrectly in the newest beta build?

About your suggestions: they make total sense. I hadn’t considered the case where the user has the rotation lock enabled for landscape mode. Indeed, the experience of having to unlock the device to rotate it to fix the page is not great.
I like the idea of long-pressing the image preview to select the page you want to start reading off.

I’ll give this a thought because it might require some additional visual tweaks. But this is great feedback. Thank you :raised_hands:

Thank you, it seems there was a new build that came in last night. With this one, the displayed page from portrait mode seems to always display on the right when rotated into landscape mode (in RTL reading mode). So far I haven’t seen it work incorrectly. So I think you can call that one solved!

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Amazing. Thank you so much for confirming.

I’ve been working on your suggestion. And here’s a sneak peek of the implementation.

We tweaked the previews to show the page grouping and added a contextual menu to select the page from where it should start grouping.

We are still working on adding support for RTL reading. But we will send another beta build including this during the weekend.

Let us know your thoughts.


I think that looks great! I love that the page grouping is previewed as well. Looking forward to the Test Flight release!

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The new build looks great, and the “group from this page” feature is working perfectly! This build also seems to have solved a little “hitch” that happened during page turns.

There are still a couple problems, though I’m assuming that they’re related to the RTL support that you’re still working on:

  1. When I tap the screen to bring up the preview, it’s often showing pages that are nowhere near where I actually am, and I have to scroll around to get back to the current page

  2. For the first 20 or so pages of a book (might just be the first time I’m opening a new book?) it only advances one page at a time.

Still, this is really great progress!

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Update: I realize that as soon as I explicitly set the grouping, this stops happening.

I apologize for creating this thread and then disappearing, wasn’t sure if bumping was allowed (regardless, I know it’s annoying) or if this was too niche a concern.

@awh : Thanks for replying and bringing renewed attention to this issue and your suggestions. You were right to point out all the potential different layouts beyond my basic example and your thorough replies and testing have definitely helped to find what seems to be a great solution.

@dani : The updates are excellent. Visually the grouping in the updated previews is perfect and on first try it’s keeping everything in order. Great work.

  1. When I tap the screen to bring up the preview, it’s often showing pages that are nowhere near where I actually am, and I have to scroll around to get back to the current page

I also keep seeing this issue on version 2.12.13

This bug is on our radar, but we are planning to make some changes to the readers, and we are treating it as a low priority for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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