Disconnect from OPDS server

I moved my Komga OPDS server to a different device with a different IP address but I cannot seem to find any way to change the settings or unlink the account in panels. If a way to do this exists, if someone could inform me that would be great, but I would also suggest it be made more user-friendly. If this feature is not available, I would like to request it. I added my old server during the free trial and just paid for the feature, only to have it be unusable.

Under settings there should be a manage account section that allows you to change that stuff.

Hit the reading now tab at the bottom then click your profile icons at the top right to bring up settings.


Ah, didn’t realized that’s where the profile was. I never use that tab. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks @Greg :raised_hands:

We are planning to re-design the profile and probably move it to its own tab. We are also re-designing the importers soon.

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