Disappearing Files


I’ve been using this app for more than a year now, but I had this issue for a couple of days which is, I recently uploaded some manga from the mega app->iphone files->Panels, and a few days later some of the chapters just disappeared from the library. So then I reuploaded it and again another chapter just got vanished and I had to reload it again. Please look into this synchronization issue.

And also uploading the files from the mega/telegram app to the panels makes the app go crash and only one file uploads at a time, to the panels.

That is quite weird. Panels does not delete files without user intervention, and it does not have any synchronization feature.
When these files go missing… have you checked whether they are still on the device? You can use Files.app to check the Panels folder and see if the files are still there.

We will look into the crash you mention.

Yeah, this kind of issue is also new to me, and yes the data is stored & available in the Files app but somehow importing to the panel’s app it gets removed automatically. Also, there’s a glitch while renaming the chapters, it often gets replaced by some other random chapter, I even tried rebuilding the thumbnails option but still, it doesn’t fix it. Hope you fix the bug or whatever issue soon!