Disable share function

Hi Panels community,

Really in love with the app but I got a problem, when I’m reading and I scroll down, it opens the iPad share function to share the current page, can this be disabled? When I’m reading in fill screen mode it opens by accident all the time.

Also, how can I rename files? I got a lot of comics imported from Google drive but I can’t figure out how to change their names.

Finally, is it possible to modify the comic’s cover (the one that appears in the menu)?


Hi @Noostale

There’s no way to disable the share option at the moment, but we’ll be doing some changes in the readers and sharing won’t be triggered by swiping up the page but doing a long tap on the page. We’ll also change the zoom gesture from long press to double tap + long press.
Hopefully, this will solve the problem.

We don’t have an option to rename a file yet. But it’s something that we’ll implement in the upcoming months.

Covers can’t be modified unfortunately. I’m unsure we would implement something like that in the future TBH. It’s probably easier to change the first page in the file.

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Thank you for the response!