Delete Sync Account really doesn't delete data?

I’ve been having problems with reading progress, it’s either too many comics or too many devices or something else, it’s to the point that when I finish a comic the status won’t stay “read.”

So next I try and “delete the sync account” and start over.

I log out of all devices and then “Delete the Account”…

But it seems that when I sign back in (with Apple) that all my comics are still there? Why isn’t the account deleted or reset?

Can we have a feature that decisively resets account data? As in start over / zap all reading progress /. rebuild the library(s) from scratch?

Either that or I have to start using throwaway credentials to “reset?” but that’s really a PITA.

We’ll give this a look. Content should be deleted when you delete your account. Maybe we’re having a problem with how Apple SignIn accounts are linked in Firebase, and the content is not being delted.

Sorry about that. That is not how it’s expected to work.

We’ll keep you posted.

About the reading limit… we haven’t implemented any limit whatsoever. How many records are we talking about?
Maybe you’ve reached a limit in the platform that we weren’t aware of.

We’ll also investigate it.

Just some more data points…

1/ If I attempt to “Stop using AppleID” forwarding (using ACCOUNT > Apps Using AppleID > Panels >

…then sign in again, it seems some things “come unstuck” and I can see (some) reading progress again…

“Sign in with Apple” doesn’t make a new forwarding email with format like (example), it just reuses this same email string, so there must be some type of unique id tied to Panels.

2/ Even though reading progress “comes back” I still see bugs like this Pick up Where you left off, 100%". This is from my iPhone with Reading now > Hide Titles not on device + Hide finished turned = OFF (image: “Pick up where you left off” but 100%)

3/ It might be better to have a feature “Reset Library History & Reading Progress” so that when bugs like this pop up, users can just purge stale or corrupt metadata without purging the comics in the library (local? serverside?)

4/ It might be a “limit” or it might be “server is syncing stale data from a number of devices and they’re all slightly different”… making me wish there was some way to purge local progress/history per device before syncing to an account, new or otherwise…

Thank you for all the feedback @Leoofborg. We’ve investigated the problem and found some things:

  • We had a bug in our backend that was causing the content deletion script to fail. It’s fixed now and all the content gets deleted when you delete an account. Apologies for the error.

  • You’re totally right about the local content. In fact, the current behavior is quite misleading because you delete the account and the synced content still remains on the device.
    But there’s a reason for this. Using a Panels synced account is not required, and we thought it would be probably too aggressive if we simply delete all the local content after you delete your account. Maybe you don’t want to keep syncing your content. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to lose it.
    That’s why we’ve added the option to delete your reading progress from the device after you delete your account.

We’ve also added another option in settings to manually delete the reading progress.

We’ve also fixed the “Pick up Where you left off” bug.

All these improvements will come in the next update that we’re aiming to release in the upcoming weeks.

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