Customize icon colour

Hi! I love using the app, you all did a great job! I also enjoy that i can change the icon and it would be cool if i could customize it more. Like with a colour palette for the background and for the P so we could match more and different colours than what we have now :slight_smile: just a suggestion - have a nice week :slight_smile:

Hi @kinga_cs

Thank you so much for the suggestion. I agree that would be very cool and would give people another level of customisation.
Unfortunately, iOS requires all the possible icons to be included in the app binary. We couldn’t create custom icons from the app :sweat:

Do you have any specific design in mind?

Oh i see :slightly_frowning_face:
I don’t have any specific design since i’m not great at creating those :sweat_smile: but i’d be happy if there were icons with white/light grey background and with the P being any pastel shade between blue and pink/red - i miss the more “girly” colours :slight_smile:

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Noted! We’ll keep this in mind when we add more custom icons.


Thank you :hugs: