Crashing or Screen Not responding

So i have been using Panels app for a while now, I absolutely Love it. And the UI is super smooth. But whenever i select Reading mode to Vertical scroll it crashes the app or freezes the app completely. I am on ios 14 and using it on ipad.

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Hello @P_r_o_t_o_n_s
I have tried to reproduce this issue but I am unable to do so.
Does this happen with all your files or just a particular one(s)?

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So i tried the 5 days premium option during those period i found this issue. Yes i tried it, yeah it crashes or freezes on every file present in library. Now i am unable to check since 5 days premium period is over. I would love to support it by buying the premium but i am not sure if it will crash in vertical mode again.

You can join our beta version here:

You can buy premium (while using the beta version) and you won’t be charged. The beta will expire once the final version is in the store, so you have a few days if you want to do that.