Crashes closing title, zooming on page, many other times…

These last couple of weeks Panels crashes continually. Zooming in the wrong direction, closing a title, going back to library, or even just switching to another app and coming back all result in crash. Also doesn’t keep track of my reading progress, and deleted all my reading progress for titles that showed before this started happening.

any advice?

Hello @Alessandro_Isolani

Can you be more explicit on the steps to reproduce the issue? I tried closing a title, switching from another app and neither crashed for me. What do you mean by “Zooming in the wrong direction”?
It will also help us to try to reproduce the issue to know which device/iOS you use, which version of panels and which reading mode (default, vertical, etc.)

Last, we have a new update about to be released, version 2.13.11which contains many bug fixes.

Was crashing any time I’d try and close a comic, advance past last page, almost anything. I am delighted to report that I managed to resolve it by updating to the newest version and doing the “factory reset”. Didn’t know that was a thing, buried under the Apple settings/Panels on the iPad. Thanks for the response nonetheless!

@Alessandro_Isolani is there any chance you are using iOS 14.x ?

I would like to understand what was causing the crash. “Factory reset” deletes the caches and database indices. If that fixed it, we should look into it. But we recently fixed a crash affecting iOS 14 users.