Covers instead of folder image in Ubooquity

I’d start saying that this app is best, no need to say why.
Anyway i started using Ubooquity as opds cuz Komga was too buggy and slow for scannering all my comics, 100+ Gb folder…
So, Ubooquity is great but instead of showing me folders of series as the first cover of the comic like Komga was doing, it shows me an ugly folder image and i have to select the folder and then it shows me all the comic covers of the serie.
I was wondering if this is a feature u can implement or i just have to make something on Ubooquity.
Thank you very much guys, keep the great work up !

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Unfortunately, folder images are not available in Ubooquity’s OPDS feed and we can’t access the images.

Komga does not include the images either, but the URLs can be calculated based on the series identifier. Komga uses Basic Auth authentication with a Bearer token, and we simulate the user’s session to access the images.

Ubooquity uses Basic Auth too. But only for accessing the feed. According to our investigations, it sets a cookie on your browser and uses it to authenticate the request to the image. (this is just my personal hypothesis, I haven’t seen Ubooquity’s source code). Simulating a cookie session requires a lot of hacking and it would be a very fragile solution.

I’d love to add support for images for Ubooquty, but unless they include the image URL in the OPDS feed, or provide a public API that we could use, there’s not much else we can do :sweat:

BTW, I’m surprised that you are having performance issues with Komga. In my personal experience is way more lightweight than Ubooquity :confused:

Another alternative you have is Kavita. Their creator is around.

I hope it helps.

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I tried using Kavita today but for some reason i can’t connect with Panels.
Komga an Uboo are fine but Kavita shows an Error of request time expired

That indeed is my fault. If you’re on docker, the nightly branch has it fixed else if you message me I can build you a version with the fix.


Hi Dani, I didn’t realized that opds acquisition feeds could have a thumbnail. I will add this in Komga, so you will be able to remove the extra code for that!

Hi Dani, after reading the opds 1.2 spec again, artwork relations are only allowed in catalog entries, so publications and not folders. Unless I’m wrong somehow?

I think you’re right. OPDS Catalog 1.2 | specs