Covers are misaligned in library

I feel this is dumb and nitpicky but it’s driving me crazy.

If you look at the bottom row of comics/manga, they’re not spaced out how they should be. Is this a bug? Intentional because of Vagabond being in a collection? I’d just like to fix the issue, somewhere.

Hello @Chromie
Thank you very much for reporting this issue.

Are you using the last version 2.0.7? We added a few library improvements that might fix the issue. Please let us know which version of Panels are you running and if this issue still exist.

Thank you!

Hello @victor, I am using the latest version.

I did notice, it’s only when using my iPad in landscape that the bottom row of comics misalign. Portrait is still fine.


That’s interesting. Thanks @Chromie we will investigate that further.