Continuously Crashing

Love the app. Became premium about a week ago. It was working fine until last night. After the first crash I opened it again, and after about another 15-20 pages it crashed again. This happened continuously today, in fact, it even crashed just now. I restarted my phone and no other apps are crashing. I figured I’d report it here. Thanks in adavance devs

Hello @Gilrose
Thank you very much for reporting this bug. Are you using Panels View (panel-by-panel) or the default reader?

We are submitting a new version to the app store right now with a few fixings, I hope this version fixes your problem. Hopefully will be available at some point tomorrow or the day after.

If your problem persists, please get in touch again. We really want to help you, the app shouldn’t crash and especially not to premium users.

Greetings Victor! Thank you for your timely response. I have been using the default reader only. Panels crashed again just now which is why I checked for a reply. I hope the update fixes this bug as well.

I have just updated and the problem does persist. Have you any idea of what might be causing this? I’m on an iphone 8 with no other apps open.

I think I identified the problem. No other books I read crash except for the books from that colllection. I found it odd. Then realized that they’re pdf files. Every other book I read so far was a cbr/cbz. I noted that pages also turn slower with the pdf files. Maybe panels just has less pdf support?

Hi @Gilrose

That is very revealing. It’s very likely that we are handling the pdf incorrectly. Panels support for pdfs is not as good as for cbz or cbr.

It would be amazing to have that pdf file so we can reproduce the bug and fix it. If you want, you can send it to

Nevertheless, we have plans to improve pdf support in the future.

Thanks for all the information

The pleasure is mine. I’m glad to help the panels team, as I love the app and especially can’t wait to see how much better it’ll be in the future. I’ll send the pdf shortly

Thank you for your help @Gilrose !

Hi dany, I recognised the the same bug. It’s not only crashing in pdf comics (do not own pdfs). Like it was described, it also happens with cbz after 15-20 pages during turning pages in panel mode. On iPad Pro 12” 2017. No big deal but worth to mention. I try to monitor the bug.
Maybe a memory thing (only a guess)

Thank you @Japga
Could you send us the cbz by email so we can take a look at it?

cbz is too large to send. But i send you another video. It happens when page turns and you skip the panels a little fast.

Thanks for sending the video! We will try to reproduce it and hopefully fix it soon :slight_smile:

Crashing: Build 201902252333 app crashing is seldom or even gone. Nice !