Continue Reading (Komga)

Hey y’all!

New to panels, really loving the app.
I use my local Komga server as the source to read as it has all my files organized very well.

I read in the past here that OPDS sources didn’t have a ‘Continue Reading’ functionality where at the end of a chapter for a manga, I can’t just keep scrolling to enter the next chapter. Is that still the case?

I currently have to exit out at the end of a chapter and manually click the next one from my Komga library to continue reading which can be really tedious.

Thank you!

(Edit: I bought Panels+ just in case that was required)


“Continue Reading” is not available in OPDS libraries. Only in local libraries, iCloud, and external drives (SD cards/ USB drives)
Due to the nature of OPDS, there is no way of knowing what is the previous/next comic. A comic can appear in “On Deck”, “Keep Reading”, its series feed, the latest comics, etc.

If you start reading a comic from “On Deck”, what is the next comic? The next in On Deck? The next in the series?
OPDS does not have a consistent hierarchy. which makes “Continue Reading” hard to implement.

We want to bring this feature to OPDS libraries, but we are currently focused on other things.
We will revisit it in the future and hopefully find a solution to it.


Loving the reader, also using komga and its very clunky when reading a series to have to exit the comic on the last page and manually pull down to refresh the library to then see the next issue to start reading. I also use Tachiyomi which also integrates with komga and in that app when you finish an issue, you can swipe seamlessly to the next issue.

It would be less painful if the library auto refreshed in background so the latest issue would show when last page of current is read.

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