Connecting Panels to local Kavita Server

Hi Everyone!

Looking for some help connecting Panels to my Local Kavita server. I am attempting to set it up so that Panels can still access it remotely (outside the local network).
for most of my apps I want to connect to outside my network, I use Cloudflare tunnels.
Kavita is setup and working, I can connect to it from my computers web browser, login, read books just fine. Same is true if I use the web browser from my phone.

I can also access Kavita if I use the Cloudflare Tunnel address.

I guess I’m a little lost on how to actually connect Panels to Kavita.

I 'm doing the following for fields requested in Panels.
Host, I am putting the tunnel address ( which points to my local address LocalAddress:PortNumber
Port, I am putting the port number.
Username and password, using my Kavita Creds.

It loads for a minute or two like it’s trying to do something, and then gives the following error “Unable to find Server, we are not able to find your OPDS Server. The following error was found: The operation couldn’t be completed. (Panels.XMLParserError error 1.)”

I am also don’t have my heart set on Kavita. If there is another ebook library manager that is better tried and tested, I am open to try those.
Kavita just seemed like it was the cleanest from what I found.
I am also running all this from Unraid.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Skip the username and password. Kavita’s URL is already authenticated for your user, and setting username and password causes the server to return an auth error. Leave them empty.

In the future, we will try to detect the server is Kavita and omit the credentials even if you set them.

I hope that does the trick