Complete list of finished comics and a couple of other things

Hi, I have been using your app for a couple of months, I am quite happy with it, but I’d like to see a couple of features (if they are not already implemented and I haven’t been able to find them, which is definitely possible, in which case, please do tell me…).

Complete list of finished titles - right now, I can only see the last six finished titles in the “Reading now” tab, is there a way to see a complete list of finished comics? I usually read comics in batch (from multiple collections) and if for some reason I don’t want to delete the last ones read, it’s a bit of a pain to find the other ones. A similar page with all comics started but not finished yet would be useful (the “Pick up where you left off” section).

Multiple selection in search - Would it be possible to enable multiple selection in search results? Let’s say I have issues of a series in different collections, and I’d like to move them all in a new collection, right now I can search for the name but I have to move them one by one (or, related to the issue above, if I want to delete multiple issues of a series I just read). This feature would be useful also for the pages suggested above, since right now, I can only select one comic at a time under “Finished”.

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