Comics not importing, stuck in Downloads tab queue

After searching topics and not finding any solutions, I decided to open a new one.

So, my comics are stuck in Downloads queue. I tried every import option: downloading files from the cloud, connecting to iTunes, even AirDrop, but the result is the same - files end up in Downloads tab with Queued written underneath and a spinning circle.

I tried .cbr files and .cbz files that work fine on other devices, I tried reinstalling the app multiple times.
Funny thing is, I imported my files last night with no issues whatsoever, and today nothing works.


:thinking: @milansabic could you share one of those files with us? We don’t implement rar decompression ourselves. We use one of the most famous unrar libraries, and it should both decompress and unpack the files.

If we had one of those, we’ll try to reproduce the problem and find a solution to it.