Comics from old Marvel GIT DVDs have watermarks

I have a couple of the old GIT Marvel DVDs and all of the pages have watermarks that are only supposed to show when you print the comics. The watermarks don’t show up when you view the comics on my laptop. The GoodReader IOS app shows them correctly without the watermark, but it’s not really an app to have my comic collections organized and viewable.

Is there any way to turn off the watermark or to fix the PDF viewer in Panels so that it doesn’t incorrectly show the print only watermark?

Interesting :thinking:

We use the native iOS PDF APIs to render PDFs on Panels. I haven’t seen any public API turn off watermarks, but I’ll look into it.

Have you tried opening them with ? does it show the watermarks?

If you are able to share one of those files with us, it will be easier to reproduce the issue and investigate.