Comics don’t automatically reset to page 1 if continuous reading

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Kudos to the Panels Team!

I have noticed in the past, that whenever you read any comic series, say issue 1, upon selecting the ‘continue reading’ button, it would automatically go to the cover page of the next issue (eg issue 2) and so forth.

This function doesn’t seem to work anymore, if you’re rereading the issues, continuous reading button would just bring you to the the last page opened in the next issue. Any way to solve this?


Thanks for flagging this. This must be a regression because starting on the first page is the expected behaviour.

I’ll create a ticket to fix it in the next release.

Thanks very much Dani! Cheers.

Hello there,

Wondering if this bug’s been fixed? I recently got the app and am experiencing the same issue where choosing continue reading (with reset to first page enabled), it’ll take me to the last page of the next volume rather than the first page.

And when I try to scroll to the first/cover page, sometimes it’ll auto revert back to the last page until I reset the reading progress from the library.


You can configure this in the app settings. In the Readers settings, there an option called “Reset to first page” in the “Continue Reading” sub-section. If you enable it, continue reading will take you to the first page of the next comic.

We are considering enabling this option by default in the future.

Hi Dani,

Thanks for getting back to me and sorry if I didn’t clarify well enough. I do have that option enabled but it takes me to the last page of the next volume instead of resetting to the first as I would have expected. And attempting to manually scroll to the first page sometimes doesn’t work as it reverts back to the last page of the same volume.


:thinking: that sounds like a bug. We’ll look into it. Thanks!

Thanks Dani!

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Sorry folks, we’ve been trying to reproduce this problem but we are totally unable. Could you give us more information? What reader are you using? Does this happen with both reading directions (LTR, RTL (Manga))? Does this happen both on iPhone/iPad?

Also, a screen recording would be super useful.


Hi Dani,

Sorry didn’t get a notification for this so just seeing this now.

I’m not sure what you mean by what reader is being used, can you please clarify? This is happening when I’m reading from RTL and I have not tried in LTR. This happens in both iPhone and iPad though I primarily read on the iPad. But when testing on my iPhone, I was able to replicate the issue.

I was able to get some screen recording - can you please let me know where to send to?


Could you send it to us to ? Thanks :raised_hands:

Hi Dani,

Just sent a couple of video files with some follow up explanations since I went kind of quickly with them.