Comic Tags

Would it be possible to add a way to enter custom filter tags for our comics?

They would be really useful for things like tagging a character, so if I wanted to read a Batman comic with Bane as the villain, I could just filter my comics by that tag.

If we could see how many books have each tag, that would be a nice addition. So I could see for example that I have X number of books with Joker as a villain and Y number containing Bane.

If custom tags aren’t possible, then at least some standard genre filters would be nice (adventure / action / fantasy / sci-fi / etc).

Hey @MrChr15topher

Tags and filters are in our roadmap, although not in the short term. We are focusing on developing a Mac app.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Glad to hear they are being planned for some time in the future!

Will the app be releasing on Windows PC too, or just Mac for now? I’m currently using Cover to organise my books, but I would love to switch to Panels when it’s available.

Just Mac for now :wink: