Comic Covers blank in library

Good day, i’m having a display issue, most of the comic covers are showing from the library. Some would show, but others are blank, just the standard “p” panels logo. Do i have to reinstall or is it a bug?

Hi @Gilrose
This shouldn’t happen… would it be possible for you to send us one of those files to ?
Also quick question… when you open one of those files, can you see the first page? (It is what we use as cover file).
Thank you for letting us know

That is happening to me too!

This has been fixed in the upcoming release 1.10.0. We’ll be sending it to review very soon (probably in the next couple of days).

You can join the beta and install it if you want to test it.

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Thanks for the debug, Dani, much appreciated. I’d love to test it.

You can join the beta here