Clarification about collections and suggestion

I just realized, while you can rename collection, does the new name not affect its sorting order? For some reason it won’t change places unless I manually sort? Also, can you move an item out of the collection to the library?

I’m mostly asking help for this because I realized when you have a lot of comics, the overlapping of cover effect of collections to illustrate which is a collection vs an issue is a poor way of telling a user who has a lot of comics which are part of the collections and which are just issues of comics. I wish there was someway to make them more distinct and stand out if you are in a hurry new icon or like a collection overflow bar on top of the library. Like I wish the “collection” acts more like a subfolder in the library than how it’s implemented right now.

Hi @mikozee

If you’ve dragged the collection around, it’s probably being sorted “manually” and won’t change its position even if you rename it.
But you can enter the Edit mode and change the sorting criteria to “Alphabetic” if you want them to always be sorted alphabetically.

To move an item outside a collection, simply try to delete it. You’ll be asked if you want to remove it from the collection or from the device. Removing it from the collection will send it to the Library root.

Thanks for the rest of the feedback.