Changing reading direction causing jump to random page


I’m new to Panels and I have a problem. I love reading manga so most of the reading directions are right-to-left. However if I change the reading direction (after I opened it), the app suddenly take me from the cover page to a ‘random’ page. This also happens when I change the default reading direction in the setting. When I open a new unopened book, it took me to this ‘random’ page which are not the cover/first image.

I figured that this ‘random’ page is not really random because everytime I deleted, recopied and reopened the same file, it brought me to this same page. It can be to page 20, or 53, or 10, etc.

I tried to record the issue and here’s the video:IMG_0897

I hope there’'ll be solution as I love the UI and really considering to subscribe.

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It does the very same thing on my iPad. On top of the resizing issues

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