Changing page tap resets to cover

All my mangas are kepub, and I noticed 1 of them changing page tap will resets to cover (the others are fine), have to use swipe to read the next page.

Also, all the thumbnails except for the 1st page are “!” for all the kepubs.

Hello @Tylar27

I am not sure I understand the problem. Let me ask a few questions to clarify:

  • Is a kepub a kobo epub? I don’t think we have ever tested them in Panels, it will be great if you could send us a file via DM so we can test.
  • Are your kepubs text books or comic books? Panels offers support for comic epubs, not text ebooks.
  • When you say that tapping resets to cover, can you let us know which reading preset are you using (standard, page curl, etc.)