.cbz previews turned to black

Hello! I just updated to the most recent version of the app and now a bunch of my folders just show black thumbnails. The folders in question contain .cbz files, although this wasn’t a problem before the update.

I’m having the same problem with those .cbz files - no folder preview in the library.

Thanks folks, we will look into it.
Do they appear if you open the folder?

Could you attach a video to better understand the issue?

Yes, I can see the thumbnails while navigating in the folders (directly where the files are). But while navigating through the library, e.g. My library (no cover) > “Charactername” (no cover) > “Series” (no cover), nothing is shown until I open the last folder where the files are stored.

What happens after you navigate to the innermost folder that has the comics, and then you navigate back?
Every time you open a folder, Panels recalculates the thumbnails of it. If thumbnails don’t appear, the index might be missing the thumbnail information. But if you open the folder, it should auto-fix it.

I’m not suggesting this is a solution, it should appear correctly without you having to manually navigate the whole library. But I’m trying to understand what’s going on.

I’ll try to reproduce the issue on our side though.

Thanks for the info!

The folder previews still don’t appear, even if i navigate to the innermost folder and back.

Thanks for the insight! this narrows the debug down :wink: .

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Exact same experience for me as @megazord93 described above.

Hey folks! We are investigating this problem, but we haven’t been able to reproduce it.

We have released a Testflight build that, amongst other things, adds a “hidden” option to send us debug data.
If you install it and go to Settings (it’s in a new place now, it has its own tab), you will find a “Contact Us” button. If you tap and hold for a few seconds, the email composer appears, and you will see it has two files attached. One of them contains information that we can use to debug this problem.

Please, if you have the chance, give it a go and send us some data. Hopefully, we can find the issue and fix it in the next release. :pray:

We just released a new build 2.13.7 (202210211017) that adds more information to the debug data.

Could you please install it and send some data our way?
As before, long press the “Email Us” button.

We are working on fixing this issue, but we haven’t been able to reproduce it on our end. Te more data we receive from different people, the better.

Thanks!! :pray:

We just released a new build 2.13.8 that should fix this issue for some (hopefully all) of you.

We had a bug calculating the image paths when they included a , in the names of the comics.

Could you confirm this build fixes the issue for you?
If this issue persists, please send us some debug data. :pray: