.cbz file problems

hi there.
first of all, thank you for your amazing latest update. It made my reading experience on iphone so much better. unfortunately, I seem to encounter some problems. when I read some comics with a .cbz ending, it seems to show only the cover or the second page or whatever the last page I was reading. sometimes I manage to continue reading by closing and reopening the app but most of the time I couldn’t . and The “.cbz” ending files always a little slower when turning to the next page or previous page compare to “. cbr” ones. thanks man :slight_smile:

PS. will “WepP support” be in your roadmap as well?

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:thinking: Interesting…

I’ve never seen this bug before. Would it be too much to ask you to send us that cbz file so we can try to reproduce that bug?

About WebP support, it’s not in our roadmap but sounds like something that we could fairly easily implement in a short amount of time. We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you so much.
I’m using iphoneX and Ipad Pro9.7 with both devices running iOS 11.4.1.
by the way do you have an email so I can send the files to you? because “email us” function doesn’t seem to work in both of my devices.

Please, send it to us to panels at produktstudio com. Thank you so much.

Is there any chance you have the Mail official app uninstalled? Other user reported that the “email us” wasn’t working but we are using the official API :confused: