Can't connect to Komga

Hi, since yesterday i’m not able to connect to my komga server, I can see all my comics but when i try to read them in streaming all pages are black. I tried to download them and “can’t connect to the server” appears. All fine when i try to read them in my browser so i think Panels is the problem.
Thank you

What version are you using? It’s working fine for us :thinking:

We need to improve the UI feedback when the app can’t connect to the server. Panels caches the OPDS requests to reduce the effects of the transient errors. You probably see a cached version of the library, not the real one. We also need to check connectivity before opening the comic to avoid showing a reader with all the pages in black.

But aside from those things, it should be working correctly.

It sounds like it can’t connect to your server. If you can open the web interface from your device, check that the configuration in Panels is correct. Go to the settings of that server and try saving the configuration. It should give you more information about what’s going on.