Cannot Connect to OPDS Server

I am running Panels 2.6.0 on iOS 14.6 and cannot get it to connect to OPDS. I have COPS running in a docker container and can connect using my browser and Chunky. When I try to connect using Panels, I get an error saying Unable to find Server. I’m only using this on my local network, so I’m using the IP address of the server without SSL. I’ve tried putting just the IP address in without http://. I’ve also tried connecting to the Calibre server on my Mac. Again, the browser and Chunky can see it, but my iPad and iPhone using Panels cannot see either server. I really want to use Panels (and throw some coin your way) so I’d appreciate any pointers on what I’m doing wrong.


To connect to Calibre just use http://your-ip-address/opds and Port 8080. That‘s working fine for me.