Can’t upload more than 1 comic at a time

Hey! Been using for about a year and I had the ability to upload via web server about 20-30 comics at a time. Now when I try to push over anything more than a single issue, 1 random book comes in but the others have an error.

I’m on the same network running the latest version. What’s going on? This has been happening for about 2 months.

Thanks for letting us know @FAIRIS

This is the first report about that issue. We had no idea. thanks for letting us know. We’ll give it a look and fix it in the next release.

Will keep you posted.

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We managed to reproduce and fix the problem. Will be fixed in the next release.

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I have a issue where if comics are imported via airdrop or from another app it won’t work regardless if it’s in a collection or just a library

Here is video

Thanks again! You guys work fast and I appreciate that!