Can’t add zips to collections

I keep having the issue of zips not importing. I reset and now even more zips don’t work

I have also tried the beta

I also renamed it to cbr same thing

Renaming the .zip to .cbz doesn’t work ? Cbr is for rar files. Cbz for zip.
I just created a zip within 4jpgs. Works with the newest beta build.
Didn’t know that you can import zip without renaming it.

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@Hei could you send us one of the files that doesn’t work?

Panels should handle cbr, rar, cbz, zip files correctly. We even added some fallbacks to try every format we support no matter the file extension, because we found some people had files with the wrong ones. (ie: zip files with cbr extension)

You can send it to us by mail or put it in the cloud and share a private link through DM. I’ll happily give it a look and investigate what’s going on.

I found the solution to that proble, I just limited to 20 files per upload. The new issue is when I convert psd to pdf it wont show them. It will only show the pngs

That’s interesting :thinking: we don’t have a hard limit on how many files you can import in the same batch. I wonder if iOS is putting the app in background and the import process is being interrupted. We’ll give it a look.

I’d love to have an example of those psd converted pdf. Any pdf should be rendered correctly, but maybe we are missing something. Extracting the content of a pdf is not as straight forward as of a cbz/cbr.

Please, don’t hesitate on sending us any file for testing. I’d be really helpful.