Can see comics from OPDS stream (Codex) but get an error on viewing or downloading

I tried with another app… this may be a codex issue… another app is giving me a 403 forbidden issue so I’ll check with the codex dev first.

Hi there! New user here so maybe I’m just missing something obvious.
I set up Panels to read from my Codex (GitHub - ajslater/codex: Codex is a web based comic archive browser and reader) server via the OPDS feed and can see all the folders and files perfectly.
Unfortunately any time I try to stream one, or even download one I get an immediate error opening file, or download file error.
I can’t see anything obvious in my codex logs (or anything at all at the timestamps) and I’m using a reverse proxy to get https on it (Synology NAS hosted via Docker).

The files are all .cbz containing webp (which might affect streaming, but the download confuses me).

Any thoughts? I’m a bit worried it’s a factor of the server and reverse proxying through a DDNS, but hey, it’s getting the OPDS feed ok.

Hi @lpie90

I’m a bit worried it’s a factor of the server and reverse proxying through a DDNS, but hey, it’s getting the OPDS feed ok.

I don’t think this would be a problem. I have a Komga server setup using a reverse proxy and DDNS, and it works just fine. Also, if there was a network problem, you wouldn’t be able to see the library at all.

It’s hard to tell without inspecting the feed.

If you can provide a testing account for us, I’ll happily debug the issue.

No problems. Let me work out how to send you a direct message with the details.
Which I can’t seem to find! Let me know the best way to get it to you.

I just sent you a DM so it’s easier to find.

But if you tap on my avatar, you should see a pop up with a “Message” button :wink:

Thanks for the test account.

It looks like there are a couple of issues on the server side.
Downloading files fails because the server returns an “Authentication credentials were not provided” error. But as you can see on the left panel with the request headers, Panels is sending the credentials with a Basic Auth header.

On the other hand, streaming is failing with a different set of errors. First of all, the request fails with an Internal Server error 504. But the response body is an HTML, which seems to contain an image tag with the image encoded in base64. Panels expects to receive the image directly. It looks like Synology generates the HTML.

I don’t know whether these are Codex issues or something with your Synology setup.
I’ll send you logs by DM containing the full request and responses.

Forgot to come back on this, it WAS a codex issue which has now been fixed on their end.

They just implemented OPDS v2 which is fun, not that I can find out what the differences are yet.

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Thanks for letting us know :raised_hands:

We still don’t have support for OPDS v2, but we’ll add it in the future.
v2 is a bit more modern and JSON based instead of XML. OPDS Catalog 2.0 | drafts
It’s still in Draft, though.