Calibre OPDS Unable to Import

I’m going through the following flow:

  1. Triple Dot -> Import Files
  2. Select OPDS Server
  3. Series -> Series Name -> Triple Dot (Select All)
  4. Import
  5. Add to Library or Add to “Collection Name”, either way leads me back to
  6. The same select/import screen as 3/4

I’m left there with the same files selected and the same import button in the modal. Attempting to Import at step 4 again just leads to the same loop. CBZ or CBR cause the same issue; files that have imported correctly in the past have the same issue. No updates have been made to the OPDS server since the last successful import.

I’m running an iPad Air (4th Gen) on iOS 15 Beta 5, Panels 2.7.2, build 202108120835. Support Identifier 564EC8A4-3E96-45DF-A978-268301BA9FED. I understand that it is likely the beta OS that’s causing the issue, but figured I should try posting about it anyway. Thank you for your time.

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Thanks @Elidrake

will investigate

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