Calibre OPDS file naming

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Panels do not follow the naming convention sent by the OPDS server and just use “title.cbz” as a filename

Not really. Here’s an example of the feed returned by Calibre

    <title>Saga v04 (2014)</title>
    <link type="application/x-cbr" href="/get/cbr/6/Calibre_Library" rel="" length="152662249" mtime="2021-04-30T15:54:28.113215+00:00"/>
    <link type="image/jpeg" href="/get/cover/6/Calibre_Library" rel=""/>
    <link type="image/jpeg" href="/get/thumb/6/Calibre_Library" rel=""/>
    <link type="image/jpeg" href="/get/cover/6/Calibre_Library" rel=""/>
    <link type="image/jpeg" href="/get/thumb/6/Calibre_Library" rel=""/>

as you can see, there’s no sight of the file name in that entry. Other OPDS servers like Mylar, Komga, or Ubooquity include the file name in the acquisition URL.
But Calibre doesn’t. Generating a filename based on the title + an extension inferred from the mimetype was the best we could do for now.

The best way would be to have something like {series}{series_index} : {title} as a filename

We can’t do this because series is optional metadata that won’t always be available. We could implement convoluted heuristics to determine the filename using different metadata fields. But we decided to implement a consistent and predictable solution. What you see in the import UI is what you’ll get once you import the files.

My recommendation is that you use Collections to organize your comics. When you select the titles you want to import, you can add them directly to a collection.

I hope that makes sense

Hey @dani

Thanks for your answer.
I see, but you see I already use Collections because it’s definitely the most efficient way to organise my comics.

Let me take an example though, maybe you will know a workaround that might help me.

Let’s say I have a collection for Astérix.
The first volume exists in my Calibre library as title : Astérix le Gaulois series : Astérix and series_index : 1.
Then you have the fourth volume, it exists in my library as title : Astérix gladiateur, series : Astérix and series_index : 4.

Now if I import those comics in Panels, despite being in a collection, the first volume ends up as “Astérix le Gaulois.cbz” and thus is sorted after the fourth volume.

I’m not against using a complementary software to Calibre for this OPDS server aspect but is there a solution or a workaround for this kind of “issues” ?
Every volume as a specific title after all.

Not directly related but was wondering about it : is there a way to delete comics without deleting the entry in Panels ?
E.g : I am reading through One Piece right now, a great coloured edition. Volumes are huge in size and I can’t keep them all on the iPad. I’d love to see the 93 covers with this translucent cover used for the “now reading” books that have been deleted from Panels but in the library, it would make the collection look way nicer than beginning at 40 for example. Is that possible or something that might be a thing in the future ?