By unlocking a collection, files become permanently visible in Files app


There seems to be a bug with the lock function. Had this in Panels 2 which I ended up uninstalling because it didn’t suit my purposes without a working lock feature. Unfortunately the bug is still there in Panels 3.

It’s just a local comic in the iPhone’s storage, no servers or whatnot involved.
Latest iOS 17. Same happens in iPad (iOS 16 and 17).

Bug #1:

  1. I create collection called “Collection 1”.

  2. Import some comic inside.

  3. I lock the “Collection 1” collection in Panels.

  4. Folder “Collection 1” becomes invisible in Files app, as expected.

  5. I unlock the “Collection 1” collection in Panels 3 so I can view the comics in the collection.

  6. Folder and comic files become permanently visible in Files app.

  7. Only way to hide the folder again is to remove the lock from “Collection 1”, then lock it again.

  8. Nex ttime I unlock the collection in Panels, same thing happens in Files - the folder and files become permanently visible again.

Same behaviour if I create another collection inside a collection that I lock.

Actually when I created another collection under the “Collection 1”, called “Subcollection 1”, and locked the new collection right away, the “Subcollection 1” folder was still visible in Files app.

Only after I removed the lock from “Subcollection 1”, then locked it again, then it became hidden in Files. But the same cycle happens - if I ever unlock it in Panels, it becomes permanently visible again in Files app until I do the remove lock → lock hurdle again.

This does not seem to happen if I lock a single file inside the “Collection 1”. The file stays hidden in Files app when I unlock it in Panels. But it’s the collection/folder I want to lock, not individual tens or hundreds of files.

Bug #2: Cancel entering Passcode
If I open a locked collection, it asks for Passcode. If I tap cancel, as in I don’t want to unlock the collection after all, I just get a spinning loading circle saying “Opening” that cannot be cancelled - the app become uninteractable. Have to close the app. Same in “Reading now” view if there is a locked comic.
Seems to happen a bit inconsistently.

It happened constantly at first, but after creating multiple collections and locking and unlocking them multiple times, this behavior seemed to stop. Then it started happening again.

Bug 3/feature: lock icon still visible when removing a lock from collection
When removing a lock from a collection, the opened lock icon still stays in the corner of the collection. Would be better that it gets removed, so it doesn’t seem like it’s still a locked collection but currently just unlocked.

There were also other inconsistent irregularities when locking and unlocking collections and their sub-collections. Sometimes the collections wouldn’t get locked after using the lock function, at least visually, but I haven’t tried to replicate them methodically. All in all seems there are multiple small bugs piling up with the lock/hide folders functionality.

Maybe the lock feature isn’t overly used, or maybe users don’t check the Files app, but hoping this would get fixed soon so I could start using the app!

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and steps to reproduce the issue.

We will fix this as soon as we can.

Thanks for bearing with us