Bug on tap sides reading

Hello, hope you are doing well and safe!
In the latest update (2.1.4) I Can’t read anymore by tapping the sides of the screen. When I do this, the view starts to go down to the next row, and then, suddenly goes back to the top of the page!

Thanks @msaggion :raised_hands:

Looks like iOS 14 broke a few things in Panels :sweat:

We’ll fix this ASAP and publish a new build in the upcoming days.

Thank you very much.
If it helps, i think version prior to 2.1.3 was working good even in iOS 14 :wink:

It actually wasn’t :sweat:

We checked it and 2.1.2 on iOS 14 was showing the same behaviour. Fortunately, we fixed it today. 2.1.5 is in review with a few iOS 14 fixes.

It should be available in the upcoming hours/day

Wow, that is fast, as always anyway! Thanks!