[Bug] Books aren’t marked as read

When I finish reading a book, I get to the end and Panels asks me if I want to read the next book or go back to the library. When I go back to the library, the book is marked as ~95% read and it stays in the “Reading Now” section. I have to manually mark each book as read. Below is an example of a book that I got all the way to the end of but it didn’t mark it as read.

Do you use the double-page (horizontal) reader? I’ve noticed this behaviour recently on books that end on a double page. If you switch to the single page reader and flip through to the last page, it will mark the book as finished, but I agree this is a less than ideal fix.

:thinking: interesting. We will look into this. I just tested it on my device, and even with the double-page reader, it tracks the progress correctly.

What reader are you using @Raven ?
Could you send a video to understand your workflow and try to reproduce it?

Yes, double page reader.

It was happening on nearly every book I was reading but I just tried to reproduce it and it’s been working fine. If I can reproduce it again soon, I’ll send a video.

Something changed for me too and it’s not happening anymore.

:thinking: weird

I’ll keep trying to reproduce it on my end. Thanks for the info folks. Sorry for the inconvenience.