[bug] 2.1.0 - zoom changes when switching back to the app

Panels 2.1.0 - also happened with previous versions, but not as often.

When switching back to the app the zoom changes to full page (no longer zoomed in where I had it). Furthermore, it won’t let me zoom back in by double tapping. When I double tap, instead of zooming in, it zooms out to a thumbnail view of the page in the top-left. To restore normal behavior I have to refresh the page, i.e. either swipe to another page then swipe back, or single-tap into page browse mode then select the page I’m on to reload it.

This is happening every time with Panels 2.1.0. In previous versions it happened only one in a while, but not when app-switching. In those versions it would get stuck in that mode sometimes while when zooming in/out.

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Thanks for the report @Craig_Petty :raised_hands:

will give it a look and fix it in the upcoming releases.